Sport: Language, Society, Culture

Sport: Language, Society, Culture

An interdisciplinary academic conference, entitled Sport: Language, Society, Culture, is going to be held at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland, in October 15–16, 2020.


The goal of the conference will be to gather representatives of diverse fields and professions pertaining to the study of sport, as well as to integrate the academic and extra-academic community around sport-related topics.

The tripartite division implied in the title of the conference expresses our emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of the event, while also providing us with the space to extend our invitation to the representatives of a wide range of academic areas, as well as to professionals of sport-related occupations, including sports commentators, referees, sport journalists, and athletes:


  • The first part of the title, Language, is essentially targeted at linguists whose research tackles the broadly comprehended language of sport.
  • Part two, Society, addresses specialists in social studies, political studies, medical sciences, economists, lawyers, sports historians, psychologists and educators whose research involves sport-related topics.
  • Part three, Culture, we encourage contributions from specialists in cultural studies, literary studies, as well as cultural and art historians whose research profile concerns sport-related themes.

Create an account at and send an abstract using our webpage until June 7th. Decisions are going to be released until June 12th. Fey registration deadline July 15th.

Konferencja w Toruniu